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There's a lot going on inside and out: cooking up desert food delights, building with earth, harvesting rain, growing soil, planting abundance, stewarding our watershed, sharing the bounty with the community.

We're in the Tucson Mountains foothills not far from downtown Tucson.

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Bean Tree Farm is a United Plant Savers Botanical Sanctuary. 

Our Products

Our small-batch, solar-cooked, farm-made foods are packed in re-usable containers.


  • Mesquite or Prickly Pear/Chocolate Chile Sauce try on ice cream, chevre, fruit  
  • Mesquite/Prickly Pear Barbeque Sauce/Rub  sweet, tart, spicy  
  • Chutney  barrel cactus, nopalito, seasonal ingredients  
  • Kimchi & Pickles  traditional lacto-fermentation with desert ingredients 
  • Prickly Pear Juice  fresh-frozen 
  • Salsa  seasonal, fresh, desert fruits, chiles, lacto-fermented  
  • Honey  mesquite and mixed florals 
  • Saguaro / Prickly Pear Elixirs  cordials with agave spirits, cactus fruit, spices  
  • Herb Salts, Rubs, Oils  barrel fruit, olive, chile, desert herbs, organic olive oil
  • Herbal Tinctures, Bitters, Salves & Liniments  chaparral, passion vine, vitex & more 
  • Ironwood Tempeh, Miso, Edamame, Palo Verde Bean Products   
  • Other Products as available  cactus cuttings for propagation, buds, fruit & pads of opuntia/cereus varieties, desert seeds and plants 
  • Locally made Arts & Crafts, Pottery, Desert Foods Calendars, selected books 

Many of our products are live culture and lacto-fermented, and require refrigeration. 

Pricing and availability vary depending on season and ingredients. 

Contact us to make up a gift basket or a selection of desert foods for your event. 

Pre-paid farm cards and shares of our seasonal products are available. Or give the gift of a farm card to a friend! 

Contact us for availability and about joining our farm share program. 

Workshops, Events, Collaborations


$250 for four workshops of any of 2018 series includes:

  • workshop materials   
  • luncheon of desert foods at each event- our luncheons are legendary!  
  • $75 per individual workshop 
  • Workshop size is limited. Details will be provided to confirmed attendees.  
  • Registration & Info:

All workshops build desert living skills, awareness and understanding in a beautiful and inspiring 

Sonoran Desert Botanical Sanctuary 

BUILDING WITH EARTH AND DESERT MATERIALS: In this series of four cool-season hands-on workshops, we build a plastered cob structure with earth that came from basins excavated for water harvesting, crafting, creating and artfully recycling resources on the farm.  And we make and share delicious seasonal desert foods with participants.  

  • February 24- Exploring culinary and other uses of barrel cactus  
  • March 31- Expanding culinary and practical uses of spring greens and herbs   
  • April 28- Enhancing culinary and practical uses of bean tree and other blooms, chia and more                                                    
  • May 19- Harvesting, culinary and practical uses of seasonal, stored, fermented desert foods and herbs   

BUILDING HOMESTEAD SKILLS: In this series we'll continue to explore Sonoran Desert Living- relationships between planting, building, sun, rain and resource recycling to enhance cooling, comfort and culinary creativity.  Cob building projects continue, weather permitting.  

  • May 26- Sharing solar know-how, growing shade, bean tree recipes
  • July 28- Wet summer salsas, drinks, ferments
  • September 15- Preparing and processing summer's bounty, prickly pear and dried beans, berries and herbs 
  • October 27-  Focus: dry-curing olives, upland mesquite, chiles and returning to green building projects  

BUILDING COMMUNITY AND ABUNDANCE: Spread the spirit of generosity and gratitude with inspired seasonal desert foods and gifts  

  • November 17 (or alt.24)- Baking Mesquite Treats and More: holiday gift-making, preserves, condiments etc. for your pantry                      


 Schedule Here

Sonoran Permaculture Guild offers day and weekend workshops as well as the annual 72-hour Permaculture Design Course each February, which we highly recommend 

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Internships and Retreats

Bean Tree Farm offers internships and retreats. 

Contact us for info and application.


We collaborate with people and organizations on  visioning, site planning and design.

Contact us with your project ideas.

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We stay pretty busy with projects on the farm, and keeping up with social media is not one of our strong points!

If you want to get in touch, sign up for a farm share or workshop,

email us and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. 

Please note: the farm is located in a small private residential community. 

Visits and events are by appointment. 

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